Useful Blog Directories List

15 Feb

Blog Directories ListHere is the list of some of the best and powerful blog directories which i have been using for sometime.

Best of the Web Blog Search – Powerful tool for sharing your blog. Getting a link here is very useful.

Technorati’s blog directory – One of the well known blog directory.

EatonWeb Blog Directory – One of the respected paid blog directory. – My favorite one. Very good blog directory both for SEO and content.

Blog Catalog – Very powerful and features vast number of categories.

Globe of Blogs – Only non-commercial blogs are accepted here.

Blog Flux – Useful and well organized blog directory.

Blogarama – Capable of bringing good number of traffic to your website.

Blog Hints – Very useful directory indeed. This site is very picky in including blogs and it features over 100 categories.

Bloggeries – A good blog directory with clear layout

If you know any useful blog directories, please do share with everyone.

Google PageRank Update: 6th February 2012

7 Feb

PageRank-Update-2012Here we go, after a span of three months comes an another page rank update from Google. Recent update happened on 6th February, 2012. Many of us could remember the last pagerank update from Google came on November.

There are many threads about this event happening on WebmasterWorld and many other forums. Though many SEO’s think that any improvement in their pagerank has direct proportion of improvement in Google Search, but Google keeps telling them not to worry about PageRank but SEOs don’t hear or listen.

Anyway my best wishes if you find any improvement in your Pagerank.

Google Privacy Policy Change

27 Jan

It seems that Google is changing their privacy policy in just over a months time.

Google Privacy Policy Change

This is what Google has to say about the new privacy policy “The main change is for users with Google Accounts. Our new Privacy Policy makes clear that, if you’re signed in, we may combine information you’ve provided from one service with information from other services. In short, we’ll treat you as a single user across all our products, which will mean a simpler, more intuitive Google experience.

If you wish to know more about this, you can visit

Google Blog:

Here is a video on Google Privacy Policy Update

Annoying blue strip in Google Search

30 Nov

Today i personally noted this while searching something in Google. A blue strip in the Google search trying to promote Google+. It says “Click here to start sharing on Google+”. Its really annoying as it distracts the user and it hides the search box as you can see in the image.

Google Search - Blue Strip

I hope this is just an another test from Google trying to promote their social network medium Google Plus. But i am sure many users wont like it being displayed.

Infact many people have even started complaining about this in Google webmaster forum.

A user went on to ask “How may I hide the blue “Click here to start sharing on Google+” bar now appearing & annoyingly uninvited on home page?”

Here is the forum link:

Does anyone know how to turn it off. I really don’t know how to turn it off indeed. Need some help please!!!

Yahoo site explorer – No More

22 Nov

Yahoo site explorer

November 21, 2011 is the last day for Yahoo site explorer.

Yahoo announced late on Friday that they are closing it down on November 21st. They said:

With the completion of algorithmic transition to Bing, Yahoo! Search has merged Site Explorer into Bing Webmaster Tools. Webmasters should now be using the Bing Webmaster Tools to ensure that their websites continue to get high quality organic search traffic from Bing and Yahoo!. Site Explorer services will not be available from November 21, 2011.

This was not a shocker surprise, as it was an anticipated one. Yahoo notified everyone that it would happen this year. Site Explorer was launched in 2005 as one of Tim Mayer’s babys at Yahoo.

Google PageRank Update November 2011

8 Nov

A considerable number of sites witnessed the pagerank update today (8.11.2011) across several datacenters of Google. This pagerank comes as no surprise because many people predicted that there will be a page rank update in November 2011.

latest-google-page-rank-updateWebmasters have started discussing in many blogs & sites about this update and sharing their views on this update. Till now i could see many happy webmasters with increase in their sites pagerank. But upto this blog, there is no page rank increase or decrease since its a fairly new site. Can’t ask for a pagerank update so soon we are still in early days.

So good luck to all people who have got better result and tough luck to those having sad faces.

Google starts Rolling Out Ads At The Bottom Of Search Result

8 Nov

Here comes one of the interesting update from Google. Google has officially announced it would begin serving AdWords at the bottom of search engine results pages on

Google Officially Rolls Out Ads At The Bottom Of Search Results
Google says ads at the bottom fit “better into the user’s flow as they scan the page from top to bottom”.

And Google also removes the search box at the bottom of the search results and the news sections is dropped to the bottom of the search results. Quite an interesting change. Isn’t it??

More information on:

Microsoft’s deal with Firefox

31 Oct

Last week, Microsoft announced their deal with Firefox to create a flavor of their browser with Bing as the default search provider.

Firefox with Bing

Here is what they had to say about this deal.

So today we’re teaming with Mozilla to release Firefox with Bing, a version of the popular Web browser that includes default search settings for Bing. Now Firefox users who are Bing enthusiasts can use Firefox with Bing to use the Web the way they want without having to take extra steps to navigate or customize their settings to Bing.

Firefox with Bing offers the latest version of Firefox with Bing set as your home page and the default setting in the search box and AwesomeBar (where you can also type in queries as well as Web addresses). If you already have the latest version of Firefox, then you just need to download the Bing Search for Firefox Add-on to set the same preferences.

You can download it over at

Google Buzz to be shutdown In few weeks

18 Oct

Last week Google announced that it will shutting down several products, the most important one is Google Buzz.


Google’s Brad Horowitz said “”In a few weeks we’ll shut down Google Buzz and the Buzz API, and focus instead on Google+. While people obviously won’t be able to create new posts after that, they will be able to view their existing content on their Google Profile, and download it using Google Takeout.”

Recently Google has been shutting down many of its products, this announcement comes as no surprise because Google Buzz seems a bit similar to Google +.

More information on Google Blog.

Google Search Showing Ratings for Paid Results

12 Oct

Here is a new update on the testing of Google. They are trying to add ratings for the paid results. I have personally spotted it today morning.

I have a screenshot for you.

Ratings for Paid Search Results
Will it please the business owners who don’t have ratings. Obviously not, because most people will prefer the rated results. And there will be a drop in traffic for them. But its a good shows for many people to find out the best retailer.